EsselWorld Bird Park, Mumbai

EsselWorld Bus Stop, Global Pagoda Road, EsselWorld Amusement Park, Gorai, Mumbai

About Bird Park

India's first exclusively interactive Bird Park in Mumbai is where you can connect with the winged wonders of nature more closely than anywhere in the country! Create everlasting memories with our bird friends and take home a unique experience. 

bird park esselworld, african grey parrot

Home to 400 Exotic Birds

Our 1.5 acres park is home to 400 birds from more than 50 species of Volant, terrestrial and aquatic birds, making us one of the best tourist attractions in Mumbai 

bird park esselworld,  a group taking a picture in front of the logo of bird park

Fun Activities Lined-up

Indulge in a myriad of activities while at the park including taking pictures with our feathered companions!

bird park esselworld,  cut throat finch

Come Meet Our Star Birds

Come and meet our bird heroes: African Grey Parrot, Blue Gold Macaw, Cockatiel, Rainbow Laurakeet, Toucan, Chattering Lory, and Sun Conure. 

bird park esselworld, a group feeding a bird

Interact with Our Feathered Friends

Get up close and personal with our feathered buddies!

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Our Bird Park Staff

Besides being designed by world's leading ornithologists & conservationists, our Bird Park hires trained staff to look after our bird heroes.

Essel World Bird Park Entry Ticket & Offers

Ticket CategoryTicket Price (Adult & Child)
Combo Ticket for same day visit to Bird Park and Tic Tac Tot500

Our Bird Heroes - Meet Them Up Close

bird park esselworld,  a picture of blue and yellow macaw

Blue Gold Macaw

bird park esselworld picture of chattering lory


bird park esselworld picture of cape glossy starling

Pheasant Varieties

An Ostrich surrounded by green foliage - EsselWorld Bird Park


Activites - The Fun Never Stops

bird park esselworld,  a family feeding birds


Perfect Family Day-out

Bird Park has been crafted with the safety of all our visitors in mind irrespective of their age.  So come along, have the perfect carefree family excursion with us!

bird park esselworld, a group interacting with birds


Things to do

Entertain yourself with the plethora of exciting activities available for all our guests including taking pictures with the birds or observing the birds with binoculars!

Explore our efforts towards conserving Nature and her wonders at Bird Park in Gorai!


Explore our Sanctuary

The central belief behind Bird Park is to spread awareness about the importance of conservation. To this end, several species in Bird Park are kept under special care. We are dedicated wholeheartedly to looking after our birds in their new habitat in a natural and eco-sensitive manner.

bird park esselworld,  a group taking a picture in front of the logo of bird park


The birds at Bird Park Borivali are housed within a scientifically designed artificial rainforest habitat that mimics a real rainforest in which most of these birds normally thrive. There are wide varieties of plants dotting the structure and you get an opportunity to observe exotic flora such as the Victoria Lily as well.


Our services, architecture, and ambience are all crafted to provide you with the thrill and the fun that you associate with our brand! The cleverly designed open-air amphitheatre is where you can personally interact with the birds and connect with them from up-close while losing yourself in the calming ambience filled with bird calls.

bird park esselworld, a group feeding a bird


We are located adjacent to EsselWorld on Gorai Island in Mumbai, Maharashtra. With an area of 1.5 acres, Bird Park can either be a considered a part of a trip to EsselWorld or as a solo venture altogether.

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bird park esselworld, a group feeding a bird



Birds are not just beautiful, pretty, and colourful creatures. They contribute significantly to our eco-systems and are a crucial part of the food chain. Want more reasons to love our feathered buddies? Let's find out!
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Curious to know how birds can understand humans? Birds have unique ways of understanding and perceiving their surroundings and there's more to just scientific principles behind them. Find out here how birds develop this skill.
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While we house a huge range of birds within our premises, there are a few exotic species you just cannot miss! These include several of both exotic and native birds. Find out more about these star species here!
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Birds are fascinating creatures. How some of them soar through the air, while others have unique tactics of survival. How do they gather their food? Have you ever wondered how they gain these characteristics?
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bird park esselworld, school kids interacting with birds



Bird-watching is often considered a hobby and by those passionate about it, an addiction. But did you know there are benefits associated with this activity? We have gathered for you some compelling reasons to go bird-watching.
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