Essel World Bird Park Entry Ticket & Offers

Ticket CategoryTicket Price (Adult & Child)
Regular Adult ticket + complimentary welcome drink & Chips
(Height above 4'6")
Regular Child ticket + complimentary welcome drink & Chips
(Height above 2.5" to 4.6")
Chirping Offer (Includes a food coupon worth Rs. 150 for each person on a minimum purchase of 4 tickets. Offer valid until 15th April)850
Combo Ticket for same day visit to Bird Park and Tic Tac Tot
(Includes Rs. 100 food vouchers on every ticket booked)
Annual Passport Next 
(3 visits to any park of customer's choice)
Combine Ticket for same day visit to Water Kingdom & Bird Park1650



  1. No bird feeding activity will be conducted due to maintenance of the enclosures inside the park.
  2. The presentation is subject to cancellation with the rains and also if there's less than 20 pax.

List of Things/Items are NOT ALLOWED in Bird Park:
  • Outside food & eatables (sweets, chocolates, mints, mouth freshener, chips, tiffin box, etc.) *Note a provision is made for infants below 2 years of age. A separate feeding area is allocated to the mother. But all baby food will be kept at the ticket counter.
  • Medicines (emergency medicine can be kept at the ticket counter, a guest relations officer will assist you and get you your medications in case of an emergency).
  • Plastic water bottles (single-use plastics or reusable plastic bottles) * ONLY steel water bottles are permitted.
  • Cosmetics (lip balm, lip stick, moisturizer, insect repellent, perfumes, deodorant, tissue paper, wet wipes etc.
  • Sanitation kit (diapers, pads, hand sanitisers etc.).
           Note: security personnel will check for the above items in your bags.
  • Outside food & eatables, water bottles, soft drinks and medicines are not allowed inside the park (exceptions: baby food, water bottle and diapers for infants below 2 years are allowed. Baby food must be used inside the souvenir shop. Our guest relationship executive shall guide you to a place to change diapers).
  • Baggage & sharp objects are not allowed inside the park.
  • Only money wallets and cell phones will be allowed inside EsselWorld Birdpark. (All bags to be kept at the baggage counter)
  • Management reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any interactive session or presentation. Everything in the park is the property of EsselWorld Bird Park. Please do not pick flowers, collect feathers, damage plants or catch the birds especially by pulling their feathers.
  • The pathway in some parts of the park can be slippery or uneven. Please watch your steps and be extra careful when walking in the park.
  • Some birds may have sharp claws and bills, while others can bite hard without warning. Respect them and do not touch, disturb, throw objects or shout at them at any time.
  • Do not attempt to feed the birds. Bird food is specially designed and human food may not be suitable for them and affect their health seriously.
  • Do not use flash photography and avoid flashing any shiny objects on them. It may blind, disturb or startle them.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not play music inside the park. Nature has a better melody to offer here. Listen to it. Carrying and throwing plastic inside the park is strictly prohibited. It might kill a bird.
  • Cooperate with guest relationship officers and ticketing staff and follow instructions.
  • Management reserves the right to ask a person to leave the park, in case of non-adherence to park rules, or disrespecting fellow visitors and Birdpark representatives.
  • Guests may be videotaped, filmed or photographed by Birdpark representative during the visit. Their admission to the park serves as the consent to use the image by Birdpark authorities.
  • If anyone breaks the rules in Birdpark, then he or she might attract a penalty up to Rs 500.

“The Park is our animals’ home. So treat them with respect.”


All Days from 10:00 am to 6:00 PM


The Park timing can be extended at the discretion of the management.