bird park esselworld, a staff member holding a bird


So far you have watched birds on Nat Geo or Discovery, or read about them in books and wondered how it would be to actually see them right in front of your eyes.
At EsselWorld Bird Park, we bring you the opportunity to observe and interact with what we think are the most fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. We hold the title of India’s first exotic and interactive bird park. To be more specific, we are a walk-in aviary spread over an acre where we provide the perfect rainforest habitat for over 400 exotic birds from 50 different species, making this place perfect for bird watching in Mumbai.

Bird Park is also our humble attempt to take a step towards the conservation of birds and spread awareness about the same. Our venture is the product of the world’s leading ornithologists and conservationists. This highly qualified team has delved deep into science to curate an environment mostly centred around the needs of our winged friends.

A few of our exotic star species include African grey parrots, blue gold macaws, cockatiels, rainbow lorikeets, toucans, chattering lories, sun conures, California quails, golden pheasants, ostriches, black swans, Carolina wood ducks and crowned cranes.

Rainforest Habitat

This bird sanctuary in Mumbai comprises different terrains in accordance with the habitat requirements of the different species. These terrains range from rainforests and lakes to deserts and rocky decks, giving our visitors a feeling of being inside a Microcosmos. Apart from our varied bird species, the aviary is also home to over 150 species of special flora planted to closely mimic the natural habitats of the birds. Our collection of flora and fauna makes us the perfect tourist attraction for children in Mumbai.

Keep an eye out for these exotic as well as native species:
Victoria Lily: A unique species that births flowers with a petal that reaches up to 3 m in diameter. These leaves are sturdy enough to support children sitting on them.
Tree Ferns: A 145 million-year-old Jurassic-era species has found its home at Bird Park. Do not miss this unique spectacle!
Maharashtra’s State Flower: We honour the state we are located in by displaying its state flower, The Pride of India or Lagerstroemia speciosa, which is now a major attraction.
Varieties of Cactus: There are several varieties of exotic cacti that dot the habitat built for ostriches.

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