1. The most amount yolks found in a single chicken egg were 9 yolks.
  2. Although an owl can turn its head 360 degree it cannot move its eyes.
  3. The eggs of humming bird are of the size of a pea.
  4. A penguin is the only bird that can walk straight.
  5. Crows have the largest brain in relation to its body, of any avian family.
  6. World’s only wingless bird is the Kiwi of New Zealand.
  7. The egg of an ostrich needs to be boiled for 2-hours in order to be a hard-boiled egg.
  8. The world’s only poisonous bird is Pitohui of Papua, the poison is found on its skin and feathers.
  9. A bird’s heart beats up to 1000 times per minute while flying.