Bird Watching Spots in and around Mumbai

With Mumbai perceived as a concrete jungle, a place where mankind doesn’t have enough space, animals and birds are the least expected living beings you can find here. However, to all our surprises, Mumbai is a home to some exotic species of birds. For the adventurous bird watchers and the nature lovers, here are a few places you must visit in and around Mumbai for some exotic bird species.


One of the most distinct features of this forest is that it exists within the metropolis of Mumbai and is a home to around 200 species of birds. This includes the Jungle Owlet, Racket Tailed Drongo, Golden Oriole, Magpies, Robins, Sunbirds and Woodpeckers to name a few.


Situated, about 50kms away from Mumbai, this bird sanctuary has an old fort within. This bird sanctuary is a shelter to around 150 species of resident birds and 37 migratory species such as Golden Backed Woodpecker, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Brain Fever Indian Pitta etc.


A wide space of lush green fauna and flora in the heart of Colaba, this place is being maintained by the Bombay Port Trust. This place welcomes Tailor bird, House Crow, Common Myna and Asian koel.


Best famous for the Flamingos that are seen here 4 hours before the high tide, this place can also be observed for Eurasian Curlew, Stints, Little Heron to name a few.


An ancient Shiva temple along with a few waterfalls, this place is a spot for some mountain species like Black Kite, Ashy Drongo, Serpent Crested Eagle and Verditer Flycatcher also.


India’s first exotic and interactive bird park, EsselWorld Bird Park takes you up-close and personal with some of the most fascinating birds. Their walk-in aviary is home to over 400 exotic birds from more than 50 species of Volant, terrestrial and aquatic birds. The star birds are African Grey Parrot, Blue Gold Macaw, Cockatiel, Rainbow Laurakeet, Toucan, Chattering Lory, Sun Conure, California Quail, Golden Pheasant, Ostrich, Black Swan, Carolina Wood Duck and Crowned Crane, among many others.

So if you are looking for a hotspot to get a glimpse of all the exotic birds, Bird Park is the place to be!