Types of Parrots

These gorgeous birds need no introduction. They have stolen our hearts with their glamorous looks, wits and intelligence. Parrots are the most popularly preferred winged pets as they blend well with humans. Their ability to imitate human speech differentiates them from other birds. These beautiful creatures are light on the eyes as well. With vibrant hues of green, red, yellow and blue, they are a pretty stylish flock. Here are five kinds of parrots you might not have heard about:

Caique parrots are indigenous to the Amazon Basin in South America. They are often referred to as the “seven-coloured parrot” due to their range of shades. They have a small build with a short, square tail. They love the companionship of humans. These types of parrots make amazing pets as they love to lounge around and cuddle with humans.

Conure parrots are most noticed for their stunning multi-coloured texture and intelligence. Conure parrots are a diverse species ranging from small to medium-sized parrots. These birds are entertaining to the point that they are often called the clowns of the parrot world. They hang themselves upside down and sway back and forth when they crave attention.

Parrotlets are the smallest members of the parrot family. These tiny birds are indigenous to central and South America. In the wild, they can be found flying in flocks ranging from about a dozen to a hundred. These energetic and lively creatures dread boredom. If you have one as a pet, give them toys to chew on and play with when you can’t give them attention.

Pionus parrots are native to Mexico and other parts of central and South America. These medium-sized parrots have chunky bodies, eye rings and square tails. All of them have striking red under-tail coverts. They form close emotional relationships with their human family members and can entertain themselves for hours if they have a toy.

Quaker parakeets are small light-green parrots with grey breasts. They are endemic to South America. These sprightly birds are known for shaking their bodies when they get excited, hence the name “quaker parakeets”. They can easily pick up human words and have an extensive vocabulary. These highly social creatures are also known as monk parakeets.

Senegal parrots are less noisier than other parrots. They prefer to whistle rather than talk, although they can be trained to talk just as well as other species. The adults have charcoal grey heads and green and yellow shades on the front of their bodies which might appear as a vest. These affectionate beings have a peaceful aura about them which makes their presence very desirable.

The Eclectus parrots are native to New Guinea and its nearby islands. The male and female of the species look drastically different from each other. The male parrot has striking green plumage while the female parrot has bright red and purple plumage. Apart from their physical characteristics, both parrots share the same traits such as their craving for undivided attention. They are skilled at memorising household routines and blending in with their adoptive human family.
The aforementioned categories are just a few of around 400 species of parrots. One-third of all parrot species have possible risks of extinction. These brilliant birds deserve to flourish and thrive in a protected environment where their flight capabilities are not restricted and their emotional and physical needs are met. This is where Birdpark Esselworld comes in. We are India’s first interactive bird park and we hope to spread awareness about the need for the conservation of birds. We house over 400 exotic birds, several of which are parrots. Check out our Flying Birds page to learn more about the different types of parrots that can be found in our bird park.